Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Taking Stock.

a new year list; Inspired by Pip
Making : Paper flowers / wedding inserts / cards & gifts
Cooking : nothing much except coffee & smoothies (dining out!)
Drinking : bubbles / margaritas
Reading: The Twits – Roald Dahl
Wanting: Silver sandals & palm print dress
Looking: at seaside real estate
Playing: with Foxy
Deciding: what to keep what to cull
Wishing: for a new desk
Enjoying: cool summer days
Waiting: for the weekend to start
Liking: the refreshed feeling from holidays
Wondering: about 2014
Loving: feeling productive
Pondering: people’s behaviour
Considering: Booking flights / tropical travel
Watching: new girl, Grand Budapest trailer 

Hoping: for cool weather & projects to turn out as I imagine.
Marvelling: at nature
Needing: continued focus & motivation
Smelling: jasmine
Wearing: pony tails, clogs & neon nails
Following: creative peeps on instagram
Noticing: a desire to be near the beach
Knowing: I can cope
Thinking: better to try, than not.
Feeling: calm
Admiring: Tavi
Sorting: Stuff/junk
Buying: Dresses for occasions
Getting: excited
Bookmarking: The B.O.M. tides webpage
Disliking: so much negativity in my FB news feed – I’ve stopped checking it religiously -it's liberating.
Opening: Scratch & sniff stickers! (and using them)
Giggling: at each other
Feeling: Happy

Thanks for stopping by! :) x