Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sharing Recent Projects

Here are a few things i've been making & sharing lately.
i've been feeling a bit on a back to basics kick. Trying to refresh my drawing lettering & hand made skills, giving my eyes a rest from the more PC Desgn things i was working on. 
It's refreshing to make things by hand, & i L.O.V.E making these collages & things. 
Firstly a little Thank you "mail art postcard".Front
Thank you "mail art postcard".Back
 Second Easter Cards:
Featuring A lovely Vintage Bunny image i found online; I cut & paste some ray bans for him to wear. & hand lettered each card. i wanted it to look sort of rough & fun & purposely hand drawn.The background is my plain Vintage Lace cards for sale here on
 Third: A little Gift Postcard for my Sister : we are going to see the Grace Kelly Exhibition later this year &
i wanted to make a little memento of it, really looking forward to it!
Front(all wrapped up with some info  & articles.): 
it's cut & paste & hand drawn & hand lettered.

 Fourth: Safety Pin DIY Collar necklace, i saw a few different examples & diy ideas for these online.
thought i'd give it a go! roughly 60 safety pins lots of beads & a few odds & sods later.
Very happy with how it turned out, next up some different colour combos.
The whole collar necklace thing is pretty big right now, and i think the pattern of the beading is inline
with the current aztec look about too.
That's it for now, Have a lovely relaxing, safe & happy Easter Break Peeps, 
thanks for reading! 
xx From Me & my Aardman bunnies :)