Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Taking Stock.

a new year list; Inspired by Pip
Making : Paper flowers / wedding inserts / cards & gifts
Cooking : nothing much except coffee & smoothies (dining out!)
Drinking : bubbles / margaritas
Reading: The Twits – Roald Dahl
Wanting: Silver sandals & palm print dress
Looking: at seaside real estate
Playing: with Foxy
Deciding: what to keep what to cull
Wishing: for a new desk
Enjoying: cool summer days
Waiting: for the weekend to start
Liking: the refreshed feeling from holidays
Wondering: about 2014
Loving: feeling productive
Pondering: people’s behaviour
Considering: Booking flights / tropical travel
Watching: new girl, Grand Budapest trailer 

Hoping: for cool weather & projects to turn out as I imagine.
Marvelling: at nature
Needing: continued focus & motivation
Smelling: jasmine
Wearing: pony tails, clogs & neon nails
Following: creative peeps on instagram
Noticing: a desire to be near the beach
Knowing: I can cope
Thinking: better to try, than not.
Feeling: calm
Admiring: Tavi
Sorting: Stuff/junk
Buying: Dresses for occasions
Getting: excited
Bookmarking: The B.O.M. tides webpage
Disliking: so much negativity in my FB news feed – I’ve stopped checking it religiously -it's liberating.
Opening: Scratch & sniff stickers! (and using them)
Giggling: at each other
Feeling: Happy

Thanks for stopping by! :) x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

More Paper 2013

Howdy! been awhile!
here are some more gift wrap successes i wanted to share & some cards.
having so much fun with random geometric, colours & shapes currently!

Batman themed vintage comic book wrap & card for Dad :)
 Yellow & green crepe wrap
forest ceiling & stripes.
One roll of gift wrap three different wraps! hazahh!

 Art Deco card for Grandpa.

Random geometric tags - Gift

& lots more of course but these a recent highlight.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Paper etc 2013!

Following are some recent projects.
Framed art paper collage gifts for Australia Day, an image collage i made. The Birdy photo was lent to me by a friend. i illustrated the frame & text & picked scanned printed cut & paste the gum leaves.  

 Next up same concept but my Sister's Kitty son is the star! 
they just planted some tomatoes in their new garden hence the tomaters :) 
again hand illustrated border & text.
 & lastly of this series, our little 4 legged son in all his glory. Posing for the camera. 
a back ground to match our home, sea & roses. 
i had a blast making these, and i'm open to requests, can you imagine your loved fuzzball immortalized in a custom setting? hee hee Cute! Custom orders welcome direct to me! 

Next up something different to share:

Still paper related.
I love wrapping just as much as gifting, so thought i'd start sharing some of the standouts, keeping it brief.
So far this year: my niece: love the mix of colours & textures .. the "E" is a brooch i made.

 Wrap for the earlier Australia day pressies. neon brickline brown paper & aussie road sign tags.
 mail art wrap! the reverse of Valentines parcel for my Sis.  random fun-ness
Valentines day cards. for family.
a photo of my newest seascape (v-day gift from my fiance) & image from a cool vintage gem/jewel catalog book.
 My Friends birthday wrap! more from the vintage jewel book, some cool print outs from minieco (thanks love your work!) more feathers & brickline!
Just realised i forgot to record my christmas wrap for 2012. :(
i was really happy with it; imagine: a mix of  brown paper, woodgrain paper, neon brickline, white metal dove, neon star & heart ornaments on chains. 
That's about it again for now.
back soon with more updates.. Promises :) x x x 
2012 / 2013
Apologies! OK i am officially a lazy blogger, as i mentioned before i prefer the making to the blogging. 
But here goes: these are some newies i made for birthday pressies & valentines gifts for family & friends  
so far this year. Below are satin, nylon & rat-tail cord & metal bangle base.
Quite eye catching in all the colours! i love colour. (+ helper pup)

Next up, my newest discovery, how to knot with multi colour & get a uniform look. 
i love it, something about them just Pops! i made about 15 in one night watching x-files ;)
 i used nyon cord & thick nylon rope/cord as the base. 
Need to find more colours and continue. ( + helper pup again.)
These two were NYE pressies for my Mum & Sister, glass beads, faux pearls & nylon cord. they look a bit glam & sparkly. My Sis wore hers on NYE & shared a pic i was thrilled!  

 These soft nylon fishtail friendships i made for my Nieces at Christmas. i picked their favorite colours!
i discovered reels of nylon brickline at the hardware shop & hey presto!!!
 More random neon goodness for summer. fishtail bangles with nylon & cotton. 
plus nylon brickline twist bangle -- looks like 2 tone neon dna chain to me! amaze.
 Another gifty. mini neon beads & metal charm. this one is an anklet. summery & bright.
 a bad photo in a rush! a lucky coin bracelet in yellow & gold for a Chinese new year gift. :)
 Think thats most of the bracelet examples to date. 
Next up other crafty sharing... Paper goodness. :)
thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

6 Months of Sharing! part 1 & 2

What a lazy blogger i am.. or perhaps.. just busy making things & forgetting to blog about them!
Facebook friends will have seen many of these projects before. Here's a quick rundown of some my projects over the last few months.

1. Gummi macrame bangles. I can safely say these have been one of the funnest things i've been making/obsessed with over the last few months.. Oh the colours! they are so quick and fun to make.
Friends & family repeatedly being besieged with gifts of multicoloured macrame madness :)
all the below designs & more are available at my Made It store or directly to my email :)

Mixed neons & cords

 Silver bangles & brights

 Mixed cords & gummi's
 A Halloween Set, with charms (& Helper)

 Mettallic bangles.

 Another similar style of bangle is this one: lots & lots of knots, using any thread cotton or cord, and more explosions of colour!

2. Shamballa style macrame bracelets & beyond. learning this square macrame knot = endless possibilities! I'ts limitless the different designs & colour schemes one can create! 
 cool tone colours make a nice stack.
 a 3D bracelet

beads on the outside!

 hex nuts instead of beads

 outside beads.

Multicultural trio!
 Safety pin, beads hex nuts & cord.

lots more completed projects sharing coming up. Thanks for tuning in :) xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sharing Recent Projects

Here are a few things i've been making & sharing lately.
i've been feeling a bit on a back to basics kick. Trying to refresh my drawing lettering & hand made skills, giving my eyes a rest from the more PC Desgn things i was working on. 
It's refreshing to make things by hand, & i L.O.V.E making these collages & things. 
Firstly a little Thank you "mail art postcard".Front
Thank you "mail art postcard".Back
 Second Easter Cards:
Featuring A lovely Vintage Bunny image i found online; I cut & paste some ray bans for him to wear. & hand lettered each card. i wanted it to look sort of rough & fun & purposely hand drawn.The background is my plain Vintage Lace cards for sale here on
 Third: A little Gift Postcard for my Sister : we are going to see the Grace Kelly Exhibition later this year &
i wanted to make a little memento of it, really looking forward to it!
Front(all wrapped up with some info  & articles.): 
it's cut & paste & hand drawn & hand lettered.

 Fourth: Safety Pin DIY Collar necklace, i saw a few different examples & diy ideas for these online.
thought i'd give it a go! roughly 60 safety pins lots of beads & a few odds & sods later.
Very happy with how it turned out, next up some different colour combos.
The whole collar necklace thing is pretty big right now, and i think the pattern of the beading is inline
with the current aztec look about too.
That's it for now, Have a lovely relaxing, safe & happy Easter Break Peeps, 
thanks for reading! 
xx From Me & my Aardman bunnies :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekend Projects

A quick post about some things i made on the weekend.
The opposite of what i intended to get done ...(which was Easter cards & String Art)
but both were fun & turned out well none-the-less.  
1st Up: Galaxy Print T-shirt 
I used a basic oversize black t shirt & some paints etc i had at home. Followed some instructions i saw on youtube & around the internet & it was done! Super quick & easy.. Thinking of making some more for my next market, seeing the whole Galaxy print thing is trendy currently. 

2nd Up: Cord & Tube bib necklace.
Recently at Bauhaus my Fav shop in town i saw some awesome plastic tube & cord bound necklaces & bracelets. They're a bit out of my price range, so i made this inspired by piece. Quite simple; again i just used materials i had at home, next i'll try a Bracelet! 

Thanks for dropping by :)