Sunday, 28 October 2012

6 Months of Sharing! part 1 & 2

What a lazy blogger i am.. or perhaps.. just busy making things & forgetting to blog about them!
Facebook friends will have seen many of these projects before. Here's a quick rundown of some my projects over the last few months.

1. Gummi macrame bangles. I can safely say these have been one of the funnest things i've been making/obsessed with over the last few months.. Oh the colours! they are so quick and fun to make.
Friends & family repeatedly being besieged with gifts of multicoloured macrame madness :)
all the below designs & more are available at my Made It store or directly to my email :)

Mixed neons & cords

 Silver bangles & brights

 Mixed cords & gummi's
 A Halloween Set, with charms (& Helper)

 Mettallic bangles.

 Another similar style of bangle is this one: lots & lots of knots, using any thread cotton or cord, and more explosions of colour!

2. Shamballa style macrame bracelets & beyond. learning this square macrame knot = endless possibilities! I'ts limitless the different designs & colour schemes one can create! 
 cool tone colours make a nice stack.
 a 3D bracelet

beads on the outside!

 hex nuts instead of beads

 outside beads.

Multicultural trio!
 Safety pin, beads hex nuts & cord.

lots more completed projects sharing coming up. Thanks for tuning in :) xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sharing Recent Projects

Here are a few things i've been making & sharing lately.
i've been feeling a bit on a back to basics kick. Trying to refresh my drawing lettering & hand made skills, giving my eyes a rest from the more PC Desgn things i was working on. 
It's refreshing to make things by hand, & i L.O.V.E making these collages & things. 
Firstly a little Thank you "mail art postcard".Front
Thank you "mail art postcard".Back
 Second Easter Cards:
Featuring A lovely Vintage Bunny image i found online; I cut & paste some ray bans for him to wear. & hand lettered each card. i wanted it to look sort of rough & fun & purposely hand drawn.The background is my plain Vintage Lace cards for sale here on
 Third: A little Gift Postcard for my Sister : we are going to see the Grace Kelly Exhibition later this year &
i wanted to make a little memento of it, really looking forward to it!
Front(all wrapped up with some info  & articles.): 
it's cut & paste & hand drawn & hand lettered.

 Fourth: Safety Pin DIY Collar necklace, i saw a few different examples & diy ideas for these online.
thought i'd give it a go! roughly 60 safety pins lots of beads & a few odds & sods later.
Very happy with how it turned out, next up some different colour combos.
The whole collar necklace thing is pretty big right now, and i think the pattern of the beading is inline
with the current aztec look about too.
That's it for now, Have a lovely relaxing, safe & happy Easter Break Peeps, 
thanks for reading! 
xx From Me & my Aardman bunnies :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekend Projects

A quick post about some things i made on the weekend.
The opposite of what i intended to get done ...(which was Easter cards & String Art)
but both were fun & turned out well none-the-less.  
1st Up: Galaxy Print T-shirt 
I used a basic oversize black t shirt & some paints etc i had at home. Followed some instructions i saw on youtube & around the internet & it was done! Super quick & easy.. Thinking of making some more for my next market, seeing the whole Galaxy print thing is trendy currently. 

2nd Up: Cord & Tube bib necklace.
Recently at Bauhaus my Fav shop in town i saw some awesome plastic tube & cord bound necklaces & bracelets. They're a bit out of my price range, so i made this inspired by piece. Quite simple; again i just used materials i had at home, next i'll try a Bracelet! 

Thanks for dropping by :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

More projects to share - Notebook

A week or so ago i made this Notebook 
The cover is a collage i made of bits & bots i thought Rin would like. the pages are a mix of lined & blank & printed throughout with matching themed bits & bots... Text Clouds & stamps & lovely little trinkets Rin kindly sent me :)

All tied up & ready to send. Next time i make a notebook i'll endeavor to try a new type of binding.. 
fingers crossed !

Long weekend Projects

Over the long weekend i completed a few projects 
i'd been meaning to try a while.
Firstly: Making cushions for our new- (second hand) cane outdoor chairs.
I made these from some $2 rugs & fabric remnants.
(the rugs are made from recycled jersey t-shirts.)
nice & colourful, an inexpensive make over!

Very happy with how they turned out, Foxy Thinks they're great!

Secondly: everyone knows i love string, knots & glass jars etc... so why not combine all three!
i thought these would make nice vases or even just an arrangement of different sizes, 
to create an interesting vignette of textures.

More Projects to upload v-soon :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Two quick Projects from this week & one from the past.

i was making a notebook on Monday, 
(i will load up Pix later, don't want to ruin the surprise, before it arrives...)
and this note book process inspired a little A5 Letter set.
 Fairly simple & quick to make, but should be nice to use...
The set consists of: 10 lined & 10 plain paper, with little clouds of text printed on.
Matching Plain white envelopes. 
Packaged in a craft orange envelope.
The text pages i made the little clouds from, came from a readers digest condensed novel 
i cut the middle out of.. 
(to make my Sister a Book Clutch bag. see below pix)

(this book clutch was made for a Halloween birthday Party a while ago,
Inspired by Tim Burton's Beetlejuice, to go with My Sister's Miss Argentina costume. very cool ) 
i absolutely loved making that book clutch, and have been meaning to make another just for fun.

After i finished the clouds letter set i made some Letter paper for myself... not something i do often, 
i make it mostly as gifts. Here are three different designs, Clouds (again), Pencil sharpening & Skeleton key.

More projects to share next week.. after the mail man has visited some Peeps. :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Consignment..Beach Themed Wedding ~ Card.

i made this card for my friend Chelsea to give to her Sister, who is getting married soon.
They are having a beach wedding & i thought i'd make something to suit.
it was a bit tricky but with a few goes i was happy with the end product.
 The sand & shells background image is a photo i took at Sempaphore last weekend..
walking & collecting shells with my Boys. :)
i made a window piece out of an a4 sheet protector,
(Chelsea helped me nut it out ~ Thanks!!)
 Inside the clear window is lovely clean SA Beach sand, some tiny pink & white shells & 
some silver glitter for a bit of zing.

a simple handmade white envelope tied with cotton twine & two shells & a bow.
i thought the two shells represented the Couple getting hitched..
Another fun lovely project to create.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day Mail

Similar to my previous post about Australia Day parcels, 
i also send little Valentines day surprises! 
Instead of sweets or chocolates this year i'm sending stationery... 
Useful & much healthier!

 I made two variations of the card to accompany the gifts. 
i love string and thread just about as much as paper,
 so i crafted a "little string art" heart on these cards. 
(above & below)

The arrows i found via: How about Orange a round up of Valentines day printables. 
You can get them here: Cupids Arrow PDF
Two very cool peeps, thanks for sharing!

Friday, 10 February 2012

An Experiment: Surprise in the mail.

After reading This post by Pilgrim the other day i was inspired By Papered Thoughts to try sending something odd in the mail to my Buddy. ... its a pretty rough first go...but considering i didn't know if the whole item would be shredded or destroyed by the postal service .... i thought id keep it simple.
Here is how the parcel progressed:
 creating a little cute heart bunting string on go inside the surprise...
 Assembly stage 1#
i used a plastic drink cup with lid, caus it's summery & 
my Buddy likes sweet soft drinks :)
and i thought, not much loss if it does get mangled in the mail.
 Assembly stage #2
 Assembly stage #3
 All done & ready to send! 
On the way to the post box, along with Valentines Gift mail, & something for Rin at Papered Thoughts
hope everything arrives safely!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Belated sharing ... Alberton Craft Market November 2011

Last November i had a stall at the Trinity Alberton Unity Church 
Craft market.  Despite being a very hot day it went well, 
with lots of lovely friends & family coming to visit. 
above is the flyer i made for the event.
And below, some photos of my stall & 
the paper goods & accessories i had for sale. 
My tressles set up.
 "The Local's" Alberton cards went down well...

Christmas gift tags, wrap & cards.
 My vintage tea chest of stock.
 Also i made a stack of different bracelets, key rings & knitted scarves.

It was a good day, i look forward to the next one.. 
i believe its the First Saturday in May 2012!