Sunday, 28 October 2012

6 Months of Sharing! part 1 & 2

What a lazy blogger i am.. or perhaps.. just busy making things & forgetting to blog about them!
Facebook friends will have seen many of these projects before. Here's a quick rundown of some my projects over the last few months.

1. Gummi macrame bangles. I can safely say these have been one of the funnest things i've been making/obsessed with over the last few months.. Oh the colours! they are so quick and fun to make.
Friends & family repeatedly being besieged with gifts of multicoloured macrame madness :)
all the below designs & more are available at my Made It store or directly to my email :)

Mixed neons & cords

 Silver bangles & brights

 Mixed cords & gummi's
 A Halloween Set, with charms (& Helper)

 Mettallic bangles.

 Another similar style of bangle is this one: lots & lots of knots, using any thread cotton or cord, and more explosions of colour!

2. Shamballa style macrame bracelets & beyond. learning this square macrame knot = endless possibilities! I'ts limitless the different designs & colour schemes one can create! 
 cool tone colours make a nice stack.
 a 3D bracelet

beads on the outside!

 hex nuts instead of beads

 outside beads.

Multicultural trio!
 Safety pin, beads hex nuts & cord.

lots more completed projects sharing coming up. Thanks for tuning in :) xx

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