Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekend Projects

A quick post about some things i made on the weekend.
The opposite of what i intended to get done ...(which was Easter cards & String Art)
but both were fun & turned out well none-the-less.  
1st Up: Galaxy Print T-shirt 
I used a basic oversize black t shirt & some paints etc i had at home. Followed some instructions i saw on youtube & around the internet & it was done! Super quick & easy.. Thinking of making some more for my next market, seeing the whole Galaxy print thing is trendy currently. 

2nd Up: Cord & Tube bib necklace.
Recently at Bauhaus my Fav shop in town i saw some awesome plastic tube & cord bound necklaces & bracelets. They're a bit out of my price range, so i made this inspired by piece. Quite simple; again i just used materials i had at home, next i'll try a Bracelet! 

Thanks for dropping by :)

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