Thursday, 1 March 2012

Two quick Projects from this week & one from the past.

i was making a notebook on Monday, 
(i will load up Pix later, don't want to ruin the surprise, before it arrives...)
and this note book process inspired a little A5 Letter set.
 Fairly simple & quick to make, but should be nice to use...
The set consists of: 10 lined & 10 plain paper, with little clouds of text printed on.
Matching Plain white envelopes. 
Packaged in a craft orange envelope.
The text pages i made the little clouds from, came from a readers digest condensed novel 
i cut the middle out of.. 
(to make my Sister a Book Clutch bag. see below pix)

(this book clutch was made for a Halloween birthday Party a while ago,
Inspired by Tim Burton's Beetlejuice, to go with My Sister's Miss Argentina costume. very cool ) 
i absolutely loved making that book clutch, and have been meaning to make another just for fun.

After i finished the clouds letter set i made some Letter paper for myself... not something i do often, 
i make it mostly as gifts. Here are three different designs, Clouds (again), Pencil sharpening & Skeleton key.

More projects to share next week.. after the mail man has visited some Peeps. :)


  1. Oh my! I just adore that book clutch and your lovely lettersets! You're pretty creative when it comes to projects...that's pretty awesome! :)

    1. Thanks again Yasmeen!
      it's what i love to do :) x x